DOL Disclosure

In applying the information provided in this material, you should consider your other assets, income and investments – such as the equity in your home, your social security benefits, other IRAs, savings accounts, and other plans that may provide retirement income, as those other assets may not be included in this discussion, model, or estimate.

This material should not be interpreted as a recommendation or as fiduciary investment advice by Brighthouse Life Insurance Company, Brighthouse Life Insurance Company of New York or Brighthouse Securities, LLC.

This material was prepared to show the features of a [variable annuity product] issued by Brighthouse Life Insurance Company based on a hypothetical rate of return and certain options, features, and assumptions specified by you or your financial professional. If the annuity is being purchased to fund a qualified retirement plan or IRA and your financial professional selects this illustration for your consideration or specifies its options, features, or assumptions, your financial professional could be deemed to be providing investment advice for purposes of regulations promulgated by the Department of Labor defining fiduciary investment advice.